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What are you Most Proud Of?

Proud. adjective and in this case, we’ll take the first definition: 1.feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated. Or, in other words, being proud about something could be something that you’d like everyone to know about you. With this definition in mind, what makes you most proud of GaCo? You probably have heard it said that GaCo makes Garrett County very proud. But why? Is it the awards we have been fortunate to have received or the competitions we have won? Would it be because about 85% of our students go on to pursue STEM related careers? How about the fact that we are a year-round FRC team, meeting diligently every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month? Or that we have over thirty students from two rival high schools on one team? I suppose that all of these things we could make us proud of GaCo. But what makes me most proud is the ability GaCo has to make a difference. A difference to every third, fourth and fifth grade student in Garrett County as well as everyone we meet along our way to our vision of STEM Ready Kids. Now that I think about it, more exact - it’s the students, mentors, and parents of GaCo making that difference happen that I am most proud. Ten years from now, few will remember the last Chairman’s Award or competition GaCo won… don’t get me wrong, winning a Chairman’s Award or competition is a good thing as long as it’s an indicator of the difference GaCo is making… and it’s part of our strategy for making a difference. But, I’m fairly certain that ten years from now, every eight-year-old will remember the math behind the LEGO Top Spinner we helped them build this past year. And that’s a lot of eight-year-olds! By the way, GaCo aside, what makes you most proud?


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