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That’s the number of lemonades GaCo made over the summer. Pretty amazing... GaCo is becoming known, not only for its vision of “STEM Ready Kids” but also for its lemonade! Part of the reason of our lemonade’s success is how we make it, old fashioned, fresh squeezed using our secret recipe which we freely share - a perfect example of Gracious Professionalism! The other secret ingredient is attention to detail… every one of our lemonades are made with exactly ⅓ cup (5 squirts) of syrup, ice filled to the top and thoroughly mixed. Even our homemade syrup is made with exactly one cup of water to one cup of sugar. This illustrates a basic GaCo tenet - that success is built not on one great thing but doing small things CONSISTENTLY over time. Of course, selling our lemonade for a family-friendly price of $2.00 doesn’t hurt matters any either… ok, $2.50 at the fair. :) This would not be possible without sacrifice, determination and teamwork - parents, mentors, and students making GaCo, and its vision, one of their top priorities. Making lemonade not only gives us a chance to put smiles on the faces of our customers, it helps to fund our vision. It’s even better when have the luxury of setting up our Lemonade Train or our Makey Makey Scratch driven LEGO “Lemon Drop” Cable Car. Lemonade creates opportunities for teachable moments that will last a lifetime. It’s one of the ways that GaCo makes a difference through “STEM Ready Kids.” Thank you GaCo Family for making it happen.


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